We'll be at the 37th BSME Annual Conference in Abu Dhabi

We'll be at the 37th BSME Annual Conference in Abu Dhabi

The theme of BSME's 37th Annual Headteachers' Conference is 'Transforming Learning in a Millennial World'. Particularly considering the digital age, the conference will feature a variety of presentations focusing on how we can start building schools which prepare staff and students for the phenomenal impact of the digital world.

See you there!

Jamie Reid will be at the conference all day from Tuesday 19th March to Thursday 21st March. If you’re also going to be there, talk to us about the challenges you're facing in enhancing student learning, driving your school's development and improving outcomes across the school community.

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Access 24/7

These days we're used to being able to access the information we need almost immediately, whenever we need it, via the internet and our smart devices. So, why should it be any different when it comes to school information?

At iSAMS we built our school management information system (MIS) to be 100% web-based and we've spent over a decade enhancing its features to make sure it works for you as effectively as possible, meeting each of your essential needs. You no longer have to be logged into your school computer, at school, to get hold of the insights you need to keep school life running smoothly.

Using your mobiles

We took web-based access one step further... Mobile devices feature daily in most of our lives, providing us with a way to communicate and get hold of the information we need at the touch of a button whilst we're on the move.

So, why limit yourself to a desktop? We developed our powerful suite of multi-lingual Apps so teachers, students and parents can view important school details and receive key updates directly to their mobile devices. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, our simple dashboard makes navigation easy and relays information back from the iSAMS database in real-time, so you'll receive key updates as soon as they happen.

Ensuring student wellbeing

We're committed to ensuring that every student has the best possible experience in their pathway to higher education, which was our thought process behind developing our Wellbeing Manager. This intuitive module enables you to log all safeguarding concerns in a single place, as well as setting appropriate actions to manage them. Plus, you can easily identify moments that significantly impact a student and should be shared with other staff, parents and caregivers as needed. This handy module is your school's perfect companion for providing proactive and preventative pastoral care.

Event details

The event is taking place at Crowne Plaza and Yas Conference Centre, Abu Dhabi, from Tuesday 19th March to Thursday 21st March. For the full list of speakers, event programme and venue details, please visit the BSME website.

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We hope to see you at the BSME 37th Annual Conference soon!

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