A helpful guide for results day

A helpful guide for results day

With A-Level results due out in just a weeks' time, we anticipate that you will be busy preparing for when the data files are received and planning their upload and release. If you're new to this process within iSAMS or you would like to check that you have everything in place, please take a look at our ‘Results Day Helpful Guide’ offering step-by-step guidance.

For any additional help, please don't forget, our Service Centre is open from 6am-6pm BST should you need them.

This quick reference guide aims to provide you with some simple steps for completing the exam results process within Exams Manager.

It covers:

  • The General Process
  • Resolving Results Files
  • Publishing Results
  • Publishing Results to the Parent Portal
  • Publishing Results to the Pupil Portal
  • Manual Results
  • Results Reports

Please access the Helpful Guide here. You can also access a selection of free custom reports, should you wish to use them, by visiting the Exams Manager 'Docs & Reports' area of this site.

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