Visit us at the ACAMIS Spring Leadership Conference 2019

Visit us at the ACAMIS Spring Leadership Conference 2019

The ACAMIS Spring Leadership Conference this year will consist of a series of talks and activities exploring key topics in education, including professional development, leadership models, formulating goals and decision-making, and community involvement. We'll be there on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd March so you can find out how our MIS can improve efficiency and support your school in achieving its goals.

Will we see you there?

Matt Sampson will be at the conference all day on Friday and Saturday. If you’re also going to be there, come and speak to us about the challenges you're facing in encouraging students to take control of their learning, setting and achieving your school's goals, and improving outcomes across the school community.

Ask us about...

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Supporting your staff's professional development

The driving force behind iSAMS' development was to provide teachers and other staff members with a more efficient school MIS that supports them with their fundamental needs. In building our 100% web-based MIS, we're ensuring that your members of staff can access the vital school information they need 24/7, whenever they need it and wherever they are in the world. This is further enhanced by the iTeacher App, which gives teachers the ability to complete 70% of their daily tasks on the move via their mobile devices. In saving time and increasing efficiency across the school community in this way, your MIS can help you free up time for your staff members so they can focus on other things, including their professional development.

Empowering learning

Give students the power to take charge of their own learning by providing them with quicker access to essential school information and clearer channels of communication. With overviews of their timetables, teaching groups, reports and exam/assessment information, our Student Portal gives your students access to everything they need on the day to day, in addition to their attendance records and details surrounding rewards and detention. Plus, our intuitive iStudent App enables students to receive essential school updates and places everything they need literally at their fingertips.

Event details

The event is taking place at Shanghai Community International School, China from Friday 1st to Saturday 2nd March. For more information surrounding the event, please visit the ACAMIS website.

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We hope to see you at the ACAMIS Spring Leadership Conference soon!

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