Admissions Portal Merge Applicants

Admissions Portal Merge Applicants

As part of further updates to the Admissions Portal, we have developed new functionality designed to identify and merge duplicate applicants that are found during the Admissions process.

For the merge facility to be available, one of the applicants has to be approved, with the other applicant not approved. If the second one is approved, the ability to merge will no longer be available.

When starting a merge, you will be taken into a new workflow. There are separate stages to the wizard, dependant on the number of potential duplicates found. Contacts will be presented first, then applicants. All stages will be identical, consisting of a drop-down field to select the potential duplicates and three separate sections.

Once the merge has been completed successfully you will then need to review the awaiting approval submission and delete it or reject it as applicable, to ensure that your records are up to date. Or, if following the merge, you need to access the unapproved applicant record, you are able to do so until it is deleted.

Full details on completing the merge are available on the iCommunity site here.

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