An easy iSAMS integration to protect more pupils

An easy iSAMS integration to protect more pupils

MyConcern is software aimed at recording and managing child safeguarding concerns in the education system. It was developed as a collaboration between software developers and safeguarding experts, with input from education specialists, in line with DfE statutory guidance and ISI, OFSTED and Estyn standards.

It enables all school staff to record any instance of safeguarding concern – from irregular attendance and internet safety to all levels of abuse and neglect – and creates an audit trail of reporting and evidence. The safeguarding lead – and all schools must have one – is automatically alerted and can assess and manage each case, including sharing and working with external partners.

MyConcern is one of iSAMS earliest integrator partners. It’s the perfect example of how straightforward an integration can be, and how much easier it makes getting started and ongoing management. It’s what we call a light integration, whereby the API allows MyConcern to pull out basic information about pupils and staff at a client school.

Synchronisation is handled at a preset interval, so new or departing pupils and staff are automatically updated within MyConcern from the iSAMS MIS which handles all of the school’s data.

The sheer volume of data – even relatively basic information – highlights the importance of integrating software that relies on student-centric information. MyConcern’s iSAMS integration allows schools to invest in the safety of their pupils without investing excessive time and effort in managing duplicate information.