An Update from Enterprise Partner, Planet eStream

An Update from Enterprise Partner, Planet eStream

Wendy Robinson, Managing Director from Planet eStream shares an update on the integration between their secure video platform software and iSAMS, along with news about an upcoming integration with My School Portal.

We all know that technology plays a fundamental part in modern education, however the challenge is that educators simply don’t have the time to devote hours of effort to individual solutions, to achieve their objectives of embedding the use of technology into their teaching and learning.

As educational technologists, we have an important role to play in this process, not only in ensuring that our own individual products have an intuitive and sensible workflow, but also that we ‘play nicely together!’. An integrated approach is very much our philosophy and when our customers say, “if only we could…” we listen, and if we feel that their suggestion will benefit others, we implement.

We initially signed up to be an iSAMS Enterprise Partner just over a year ago. Primarily, because a number of our mutual clients had mentioned that it would be valuable for them if they were able to integrate their iSAMS calendar and bulletin information alongside their visually engaging Planet eStream digital signage designs. They felt that this would be helpful to parents and visitors and make a real impact across the whole school community - and we agreed with them!

As an educational video platform, we have always been keen on promoting the benefits of the flexible media tagging options that we provide our customers to assist educators with searching for, and discovering, relevant content to complement their learning resources.

We felt that it seemed a natural progression to schedule some further integration with iSAMS to enable content uploaded to Planet eStream - photos, videos and other media - to be tagged to an individual student, class or year group, using data gathered from the iSAMS Batch API. We believed that this approach could open up some great future development options for us, particularly with regard to third party integration options and future iterations of our interactive quiz functionality.

Integrating with My School Portal

Following a meeting with My School Portal during Bett 2017, it was interesting to hear that they had been approached by a number of their schools about finding a safe and secure way of sharing video content through their portal. Boarding schools in particular viewed this as an important enhancement, particularly when many boarders’ parents could not always be present for school events, such as presentations, drama productions or sports fixtures.

Both parties saw this opportunity as a great way of delivering an innovative three-way collaboration to schools who were mutual clients and, as a result, our media tagging work using the iSAMS Batch API was scheduled and completed this autumn.

My School Portal are currently working on a plugin for their clients using the Planet eStream API to offer access to secure personalised student media feeds for parents via their portal; this is due to launch as an exciting new portal feature in their Christmas release.

Future developments on our interactive quiz feature will also call on this tagging of iSAMS student, class and year group data, to enable educators to enhance their progress tracking analytics within Planet eStream by comparing results by individual students and classes.

Collaboration and an integrated approach is key for us and we are always interested to hear from schools who have good ideas about how they would like to see our integrations develop. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have anything you would like to share.