An update from our Trainers...

An update from our Trainers...

We designed our platform, including our modules, portals and apps, to be as intuitive as possible, so your members of staff, students and parents can easily start using them straight away. However, that doesn't mean you're on your own when it comes to familiarising yourself with them...

Our dedicated Training team have designed a series of specific training courses, as flexible as the system itself, which are on offer to each of our schools. Whether you've just joined the iSAMS community, or if you'd like a refresher course for new or existing staff members, our Trainers will design you a personalised training plan tailored to your specific needs.

Say hello to our new trainers

As our community of schools continues to grow, with us welcoming a further 100 new schools to iSAMS this academic year alone, our Training team has expanded so we can continue to be on hand to offer our new and existing schools the training they need, whenever they need it.

We are therefore very pleased to welcome four new full-time Trainers who are looking forward to working with our schools to help them make the best use of their school management information system (MIS):

Fiona Buchannan - Fiona will draw from an extensive background working with and training schools to help each of your staff members get the best value from our MIS.

Ellen Buck - With experience in the financial sector, Ellen will build on her knowledge base to deliver complete end to end training and implementation of our iFinance package.

Abdul Haie - No stranger to working with medical secretaries and doctors, Abdul is looking forward to training schools on how best to use our bespoke Medical Centre module in particular.

Shaz Hashmi - After working with Universities in Saudi Arabia, Shaz is the perfect person to walk you through our system and help you get started as quickly as possible.

How can your Trainers help me?

Our Training team know our system inside out and will help your school community make the most of it in your day to day use by designing a personalised post-implementation training plan, tailored to your school's specific priorities, internal procedures and the modules you've included in your unique iSAMS package.

How that training takes place and which members of staff it involves is entirely up to you, though we'd recommend including your IT manager, assigned iSAMS administrator, and champions from your teaching and pastoral teams in the first instance. You may also want to include other staff from across the school, such as your registrar and a member of the bursary and accounts teams.

You can find out more about our uniquely flexible approach to training by visiting our website.

If you're already an iSAMS school and would like to see our upcoming training schedule, please visit 'Events' on iCommunity.