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iFinance - Integrated MIS and Accounting Solution

iSAMS announced today the launch of the company’s new Finance Solution – iFinance. The iFinance solution brings together the academic, pastoral, administrative and fee billing elements complete with an accounting system to help schools eliminate unnecessary duplication

iSAMS Supports GDPR with New Data Protection Module for Schools

iSAMS Supports GDPR with New Data Protection Module

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Regulation and will come into effect on 25th May 2018. The GDPR protects basic information such as name, address, ID numbers along with web data such as

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We're Enhancing Series Detentions

Following your feedback, we have a great new feature coming soon enhancing Series Detentions in the Discipline Module. Previously, when editing a series of detentions, you would lose the Detention history. This meant you would no longer

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Registration Manager Feature Update

A new feature has been developed in the Registration module, due to be released in iSAMS version 8.0.920, that means student timetables will now be shown in the ‘Take a Register’ screen. It will work

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Be Prepared with our Emergency Broadcast Functionality

The Emergency Broadcast functionality is available as part of the SMS Gateway v2 and allows you to send SMS communications in just a couple of clicks, to your school community. Whilst we hope you will not need

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A Case Study on Enterprise Partner MyConcern and Bede's School

Enterprise Partner MyConcern has kindly shared a case study on the implementation of their software in Bede’s Senior School. MyConcern offer a software specifically designed for the education sector, to help schools manage their staff and