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Streamlining Communications by integrating iSAMS & Finalsite

The integration between Finalsite and iSAMS allows for schools to provide a seamless data flow between the two platforms, saving time and ensuring accuracy. Information automatically flows from the iSAMS database into Finalsite to provide a better

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iSAMS integration a financial boost for International Schools

AccountsIQ is a cloud-based accounting solution that expands to include business intelligence, analytics and ebanking. It performs well for any school, but its consolidation feature makes it particularly powerful for organisations with a group structure of any

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iSAMS integration reaches larger target audience

BridgeU is an online platform which promises to make the bewildering task of choosing the right university course rather more scientific. The UK alone offers more than 40,000 undergraduate courses; if you’re a student considering

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Transforming extra-curricular programme management

Recent years have seen a significant increase in the range and diversity of extra-curricular options schools offer to students; largely in response to the growing recognition that taking part in extra-curricular sporting, cultural, arts and volunteering activities

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Managing International Schools through iSAMS integration

Faria is a huge success story. Founded a decade ago, at much the same time as iSAMS, its founders had a simple enough aim: to move schools away from paper onto a learning platform built around International

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Platform for the communication needs of schools worldwide

Finalsite provides an intuitive website management tool, a paperless enrolment solution and a learning management system (VLE) to enable blended learning and flipped classrooms. More than 1,500 schools in 75+ countries use Finalsite’s multiple-award-winning web