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We’re redesigning our websites and product interface:

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Step 5 — Trial applications

Over the next 6 months, I’ll be working on a group of trial applications to test the viability of our new visual identity. My aim is to select a small group of brand applications from each

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Step 4 — Designing a new identity

With the research and strategy stages complete, the following attributes have been highlighted as the personality of iSAMS: Flexible
 Forward thinking 
 Customer focused
 International The challenge now is to assign these attributes to

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Step 3 — The iSAMS brand brief

A brand brief is the process of documenting the fundamental precepts of an organisation. Many entrepreneurial companies have senior management teams who move around the business with this information in their heads. Extracting the knowledge is a

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Step 2 — The audit process

Redesigning an existing identity system requires an examination of the communication and marketing tools used in the past. Identifying what has worked and what has been successful (or even dysfunctional) provides valuable learning in the creation of

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Step 1 — Q&A with Alastair Price

The first priority is to understand the organisation, its mission, vision, target markets, corporate culture, competitive advantage, strengths and weaknesses, marketing strategies and challenges for the future. Interviewing Managing Director, Alastair Price will provide invaluable insight into

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Introduction to Rebranding News

Hi, my name’s Matt Loveridge and I’ve joined iSAMS to help the senior management team rebrand the organisation. My work will be separated into a number of well-considered stages. Managing Director, Alastair Price plans to

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