Be Prepared with our Emergency Broadcast Functionality

Be Prepared with our Emergency Broadcast Functionality

The Emergency Broadcast functionality is available as part of the SMS Gateway v2 and allows you to send SMS communications in just a couple of clicks, to your school community. Whilst we hope you will not need to utilise this Emergency Broadcast feature too often, it's a valuable tool to ensure your school is prepared for any eventuality.

There are many different scenarios in which an Emergency Broadcast may be required, for example, an extreme weather situation that forces your school to close or any reason the school needs to be evacuated.

The Emergency Broadcast feature includes the ability to set up templates for each eventuality. This means, when it comes to sending your broadcast, you are able to pick one of your pre-defined templates quickly and efficiently - particualrly helpful when time is of the essence.

Set up

In order to set up the Emergency Broadcast feature, navigate to Control Panel > SMS Gateway Applet > Emergency Broadcast Settings.

Once in the Emergency Broadcast Settings, select the Broadcast Setting tab and use the dropdown down to select ‘Yes’ against ‘Use Emergency Broadcast’.

Under the Emergency Broadcast Options section, you are able to select which contacts (parents, students and/or teachers) are available for selection when using the broadcast feature.

You are also able to set up templates for different scenarios where the broadcast would be utilised within the Broadcast Templates tab. Set up a number of different templates with the ability to review, edit and delete any templates as necessary.


The SMS Gateway has the ability to restrict who can send SMS messages and use the Emergency Broadcast feature. Navigate to SMS Group Management to set these permissions.

Once you have completed the set up for this feature, you will need to reload the module for these changes to take effect.

Sending an Emergency broadcast

From the main system, go to the Send Broadcast tab where you will be able to select the template you would like to use or write your message. Once you are happy with the message that is being sent, select your recipients and press send.

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in using the SMS Gateway at your school to take advantage of the SMS and Emergency Broadcast features, please call us on [+44 (0)1604 659100](tel:+44 (0)1604 659100) or email

If you are already using the SMS Gateway and would like any assistance, or you're currently using the original SMS Gateway that does not support the Emergency Broadcast feature and would like to upgrade to SMS Gateway v2, please contact your Customer Account Manager.

We look forward to hearing from you.