Changes to granular permissions

Changes to granular permissions

Some recent development work has focussed on updating the wording, icons and legends for the granular permissions within HR Manager, Pupil Manager and the Admissions module to ensure they are all aligned. We have also added functionality to allow permissions to be set by ‘Group’.

The updates will be rolled-out as part of the scheduled release on 1st September 2016.

Security options

To ensure consistency across the system, the Security Options have been amended in the aforementioned modules, removing the ‘Full’ option (where this was present) and replacing it with ‘Modify’. This means that when setting the Security Option across all modules the options will be: Read, Write and Modify as shown below.

Please note: This update does not affect any of the functionality, it is simply a change of wording to ensure consistency and ease of use. You do not need to change or update your current permissions.

Set permissions by group

In addition, we have also added the ability to select the access permissions for Groups. This removes the need to individually select the permissions for each user. Please see above.

Release date

The updates to granular permissions will be rolled-out within the release scheduled for 1st September 2016.