Chosen for new UTC Greenwich

Chosen for new UTC Greenwich

iSAMS are delighted to have been chosen as the preferred MIS supplier for the UTC Royal Greenwich. The unique nature of the iSAMS system allows us to host the system remotely in order to enable the College to run the application process for Students whilst also building the curriculum using a purpose built MIS rather than logging this data in Excel or Access databases. Once the College is built, the system can be ported across so that it is hosted locally within the College or kept in the cloud if the College prefers.

It was this flexibility and the intuitive interface of iSAMS that meant the decision to go iSAMS and easy one.

The College will open in September 2013 and we look forward to supporting and working with all of the staff.

What is a UTC?

University Technical Colleges are a new concept in education. They offer 14-18 year olds the opportunity to take a highly regarded, full time, technically-oriented course of study. They are equipped to the highest standard, sponsored by a university and offer clear progression routes into higher education or further learning in work.

They are sub-regional, taking students from a wide geographical area. This reduces negative impact for any one local school in terms of student roll.

UTCs specialise in subjects that require technical and modern equipment, for example, engineering, product design, health sciences, construction, and land and environmental services.

However they all teach business skills and the use of ICT. The chosen specialism reflects the university’s areas of excellence and the needs of local employers.

A fundamental principle of UTCs is that they do not judge students on their past performance. Students are given new opportunities and new ways of learning which allow them to achieve to a higher level than they may have done before.