COBIS' Conference for Bursars, Business Managers & HR Staff

COBIS' Conference for Bursars, Business Managers & HR Staff

We're looking forward to the COBIS Conference for Bursars, Business Managers and HR Staff this February. With keynote speeches covering some critical topics such as student wellbeing, recruitment and compliance, and financial sustainability - plus a series of interesting roundtable discussions - it promises to be another fantastic event.

See you there!

Jamie Reid and Chris Pomfret will be at the conference from Thursday 7th to Friday 8th February 2019. If you’re also going to be there, we would love to hear about the current challenges you're facing in financial management, balancing budgets and supporting your members of staff.

It would also be a great opportunity to update you on the very latest development work at iSAMS, and demonstrate our brand new features which are designed to enhance the wellbeing and experience of your students, and improve the efficiency of your financial planning.

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Put us on the spot: ask us more about one of the topics below, or share your current challenges with us.

Improving your financial planning

When faced with shrinking or stagnating budgets, it becomes more difficult for your Finance team to meet your school's financial strategy whilst still ensuring your school community has the best experience possible.

With this in mind, we developed our iFinance platform, a unique solution that brings together academic, wellbeing, administrative and fee billing elements with an accounting system that eliminates unnecessary duplication of work and reduces costly mistakes. With the improved efficiency, this offers your financial planning and reporting, it's now much easier to balance your books and budget plan.

Ensuring student wellbeing

We understand how important it is to ensure every student has the best possible experience in their pathway to higher education. To support you in achieving this goal, we developed the iSAMS Wellbeing Manager.

This intuitive module enables you to log all safeguarding concerns in a single place, as well as setting appropriate actions to manage them. Plus, you're able to highlight moments that significantly impact a student so they can be shared with relevant caregivers as necessary. With these, plus a variety of additional features, you can help take some of the pressure off your members of staff as they aim to provide proactive and preventative care for every student.

Supporting your members of staff

Students aren't the only members of your school community you want to be able to support and take care of. We also understand how important it is to make sure your members of staff are happy and have the time and space to do what they're fundamentally there to do - teach.

Our HR Manager module is dedicated to helping your Human Resources team manage and support your members of staff; from recruitment right through the duration of their career at your school. With this dedicated module, you can manage staff applications from both current and former staff, store staff contact details and hold all key information privately and securely.

Not only this but development and appraisal features will help you keep track of all aspects of staff courses and performance, you can easily upload and tag files in the document repository, and more - plus, all this data can be easily exported and has an intuitive search functionality so you can access the information you need more easily.

Event details

The event is taking place at the Amba Hotel, Marble Arch, London from Thursday 7th to Friday 8th February. For the full list of speakers, event agenda and venue details, please visit the COBIS website.

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