Communicate with Push Notifications

Communicate with Push Notifications

Did you know you can now send push notifications from our iTeacher, iParent and iStudents Apps?

There's never been a better time to explore using our suite of apps at your school, as this month sees the launch of the much-anticipated push notifications.

What is a Push Notification?

A push notification is a message that can be sent to the intended recipients mobile device and will pop up on the device as a notification. User’s don’t have to be in the app or using their device at the time to receive the notification.

The Features and Benefits

Push notifications offer a range of benefits, most noticeably that they are a free way to communicate. This offers your school an additional channel to email and SMS to communicate with your school community, without the need to worry about any additional cost. Push notifications are sent to a user’s phones almost instantly, making it a great way to communicate quickly; ideal for communicating calendar, bulletin and news updates.

Default channels can be created for specific type of notifications, these can also be linked to a specific app if required. You also have the option to auto subscribe users to each of the default channels your school has live, along with the ability to prevent users from unsubscribing from these channels to ensure they receive important notifications.

Personalise these notifications so users can easily identify a school notification by choosing a unique message sound. You are also able to define the ‘badge’ that will accompany this message, which will show the user the number of notifications waiting for them on their app.

Push notifications offer the ability to create unlimited channels for your regular communications such as calendar or bulletin updates, with the ability to send an unlimited number of messages. All of these are sent from your school’s own sending cloud. This communication feature is easy to manage, with a new notification management area in the control panel, editable templates for each module and full auditing and logging capabilities. Using the logging capabilities, you can see a breakdown of the notifications sent by month, module, app and user. You are also able to see the amount of notifications awaiting approval and those that have either been authorised or rejected.

Turning on this New Feature

If your school is currently using any of our apps, you can turn on this exciting new feature within the iSAMS Control Panel.

Information on how to turn on and use this feature is available on our iCommunity site here.

Coming soon

We are still working to develop the push notification feature within our apps to ensure they benefit our client schools as much as possible. We are currently working on introducing rich push notifications, which offer the ability to include images or documents when sending a notification. We are also looking to develop automated notifications, which will keep user’s informed of any news or changes as soon as they happen. Keep a look out for more information on these exciting upcoming features.

The next step

If you would to trial any of our apps, please email or call [+44 1604 659100](tel:+44 1604 659100) and we will happily set you up with a 30-day licence.

Alternatively, if you are ready to launch one or more of our apps at your school, please email or call [+44 1604 659100](tel:+44 1604 659100) and we will be delighted to get this set-up.