Enhancements to the Fee Billing module

Enhancements to the Fee Billing module

Following our recent post about a new search facility available on the Single Pupil View in the Fee Billing module, we are pleased to confirm that we will be releasing a number of exciting new Fee Billing features, available from version 8.0.814 onwards.

Search Filter in Batch Pupil View

As mentioned above, a new search facility was recently added to the Single Pupil View. This has now been extended to allow you to search via the same criteria in the Batch Pupil View. It offers a greater search scope including a number of additional fields that were previously not available.

Pupil Status on Single Pupil View

A new status icon has been added to the Single Pupil View search results in the Cycle View tab. This will display an icon which will identify the pupil as an Applicant, Current or Former Pupil. The ability to filter results based on this status remains unchanged.

Change Currency Symbol

The ability to change the currency symbol displayed in the Fee Billing module has now been developed. This is maintained via a feature within the iSAMS control panel. It can be found via Control panel > Platform Configuration > Currency Information.

Simply input the details into the fields and the currency symbol in iSAMS will change to the Currency Code specified.

Please note: This will have no impact on the data held within any of the fields. Also, the currency symbol change will not affect any of the existing reports (invoices etc). This is something we plan to look at in any new reports but existing ones will either be hard coded or use the local language settings of your school server.

Edit Fee Allocations in Charge View

Found in Fee Billing > Cycle View > Charge View > Charge Details, this feature will allow multiple charges to be edited in one go, omitting the need to amend on a charge-by-charge basis, which is currently the case.

A new selection box has been added on the left-hand side of the page. This will allow multiple charges to be edited in one go via the new Edit View, Edit Allocations and Delete All buttons. The original ‘Edit’, where single allocations can be edited directly on the screen, is still available and will continue to function as normal.

Custom Groups Filter on Fee Allocations

When assigning fees, a new filter has been added that will allow fees to be allocated to a custom group, in addition to the existing group filters already available. This will allow allocations to be created against pupils in their custom groups.