Fee Billing – New and Improved Invoicing Process

Fee Billing – New and Improved Invoicing Process

A Dynamic Invoice Process

Over the past few months, we have been working towards creating a more dynamic and future proof process for the Fee Billing module. We’re delighted to have achieved this improved process with the introduction of our new invoice publishing process, which allows users to send invoices via email and via the Parent Portal from iSAMS version 8.0.880 onwards.

New Invoice Publishing Process

In order to significantly improve the Fee Billing module, we had to rebuild the invoice printing routine. The main benefit of this is to take it ‘out of process’, meaning you no longer have to sit and watch the Invoice Printing screen while the invoices are compiled. Removing this lengthy process will relieve the potential time delay of watching the progress bar complete.

Publishing Invoices via Email and the Parent Portal

Following this update, you are able to publish invoices via email and the Parent Portal. Once invoices have been published via either method, you can view each batch of emails sent against a given Invoice run, seeing when it was sent and by whom, the number of recipients, how many were successfully sent and how many failed.

We have also created a combined Publishing History page allowing you to utilise a number of common filters to see how invoices have been published using both methods.

For more information and guidance, please see our iCommunity post here.