Giving teachers, students and parents the tools they need

Giving teachers, students and parents the tools they need

Firefly is an online tool that empowers teachers, students and parents to learn more together. Schools can set homework, track progress, create rich resources and engage parents. The result is teachers have more time to focus on what matters most - teaching - and students can learn in ways that work best for them.

Through rich iSAMS integration Firefly understands the relationships between teachers, students and parents. When something changes in iSAMS it automatically updates in Firefly. This means Firefly is always accurately reflecting year groups, classes, sets, houses, tutors, forms, timetables, calendars and even student photos.

In other words, Firefly understands your school setup and uses this information to provide easy and effective tools for teaching and learning.

Teachers have an overview of their classes and plans, tasks or homework and can track their students’ progress.

Students are notified of homework, can access learning resources whenever and wherever they are, and have the support of their teacher through a one-to-one learning conservation.

Parents are always involved in their child’s learning journey, equipping them with the knowledge to make every evening a parents’ evening.

Integration enables Firefly to bring data to life and create the online learning channels that schools need. Firefly then supports day-to-day teaching and learning - for students through to school-leaders - whether on a desktop, tablet or mobile, or on the Firefly suite of apps.

Firefly is now used by schools in 33 countries, supporting over a million teachers, students and parents.