Say "Hi" at GSA's Deputy Heads' & Senior Leaders' Conference

Say "Hi" at GSA's Deputy Heads' & Senior Leaders' Conference

We'll be at the GSA Deputy Heads' & Senior Leaders' Conference from Tuesday 26th to Wednesday 27th February. With an agenda centred around empowering learning to help students achieve better outcomes, we're looking forward to hearing about some of your thoughts and ideas surrounding how our Management Information System (MIS) can further support you with this.

Are you coming?

Tanzeel Hussain and Kate Isle will be at the conference all day on both the Tuesday and Wednesday. If you’re also going to be there, we would love to hear about the current challenges you're facing in empowering student learning, improving outcomes and supporting your members of staff.

It would also be a great opportunity to update you on the very latest development work at iSAMS and our enhanced features designed to improve efficiency and results throughout your school.

Ask us about...

Put us on the spot: ask us more about how we can support you with one of the following challenges, or speak to us about how we might help you overcome some of your current MIS problems.

A comprehensive web-based solution

Here at iSAMS we have been continually enhancing our web-based MIS solution for over a decade, adding and updating a variety of modules and features to improve the accessibility of key information for every member of the school community. Now you don't have to be at school and logged into a school computer to view timetables, send emails to colleagues and students, and complete a number of essential tasks.

Plus, with our mobile apps, of which version 2 is upcoming, your teachers can complete 70% of their daily jobs on the move via their Android or iOS mobile devices, including taking the register, checking timetables, and communicating with students and colleagues.

Your students can also make the most of this, with our intuitive iStudent App which is specifically designed to support them. With an easily navigable dashboard that provides students with instant insights into essential school updates, you can make sure they have everything they need to know literally at their fingertips.

Ensuring student wellbeing

To support you in ensuring every student has the best possible experience in their pathway to higher education, we developed our Wellbeing Manager.

In this intuitive module you can record, manage and monitor all safeguarding concerns in a single place, as well as setting appropriate onward actions to provide proactive and preventative care. An additional Raised Flag feature also enables you to highlight moments that significantly impact a student so they can be shared with relevant caregivers as necessary.

With these features and many more, keeping on top of all safeguarding requirements and student wellbeing concerns is much more manageable for your members of staff.

Supporting your members of staff

We also understand how important it is to make sure your members of staff are happy and feel fully supported in their roles. To help schools with this, we developed our HR Manager module for your Human Resources team, giving them the tools they need to manage and support your members of staff from recruitment through the entirety of their careers with you. You can manage applications from both current and former staff members, and store contact details and other key information - all in compliance with GDPR.

Event details

The event is taking place at Edgbaston High School, Birmingham from Tuesday 26th to Wednesday 27th February. For the full list of speakers, event agenda and venue details, please visit GSA's website.

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We hope to see you at the Deputy Heads' and Senior Leaders' Conference soon!

For more information on our management information system and the additional features we offer, please visit our website.