Introducing Derventio Education - An iSAMS Enterprise Partner

Introducing Derventio Education - An iSAMS Enterprise Partner

This month, we are delighted share a guest case study from Enterprise Partner Derventio Education. Derventio Education offer a software called SchooliP that provides teachers with a simple way to effectively manage professional development. Take a look at the case study below to find out more about SchooliP.

Performance review processes ensure that schools are getting the best from their teachers whilst supporting them to develop their careers. However, this can be cumbersome and include vast paper trails. SchooliP is a paperless solution which ensures performance reviews are more effective and efficient, saving valuable time and money, and most importantly supporting all teachers to deliver.

Hurstpierpoint School utilise SchooliP to support the performance review system that they created specifically for their school, taking advantage of the fact that SchooliP is flexible enough to meet with the specific needs of all Independent Schools.

The team started to look at solutions following the first two years of introducing their own system which they described as “quite paper based” and “labour intensive”.

Dee Mullings was heavily involved in implementing the performance review system and shared:

“We looked at SchooliP and it suited our purposes as opposed to others. It was simple to use and appeared to be adaptable to meet with our needs, especially having over one hundred teachers who are reviewed every year.

“Very quickly I can see it’s given us a lot of solutions in terms of time effectiveness, and a much more effective way of managing how we administer the performance management system. It’s very easy to use. Instead of just being a system that is a set system that can’t change at all, there are some bespoke facilities so it can be tailored to our requirements and what we’re looking for.

“As an Independent School, we obviously have inspections, we have ISI and we have Ofsted for the boarding side of our school. Again, it’s important that we can show very effectively and very efficiently how we look at our teachers, how we expect them to deliver and how we help them to deliver a good product when teaching our students.”

Director of Teacher Performance and Development, Michelle Zeidler, went on to discuss her thoughts around the use of SchooliP stating:

“What we have found particularly useful about the SchooliP system is the fact that we have been able to think about exactly what we want and SchooliP has been able to tailor it to our needs.

“One of the things we have been particularly interested in, is looking at the eight teaching standards. As part of our performance review system, we ask teachers to look in detail at the eight standards and collect three pieces of information/evidence which they can put against each standard. Previously, they had to photocopy and collect the information, which was sometimes unwieldy and time consuming. Now, teachers can use their iPads to take pictures and quickly upload the evidence they have collected against each standard.

“This allows for greater visibility and means I can easily review and discuss with staff how they are meeting the different criteria. From this, development points can be made to ensure we have rich and interesting discussions about teaching and learning.

“Another useful feature is identifying practioners who are ‘excellent’ and ‘outstanding’ in the various areas. We are hoping to create a register at Hurst so that if we have other teachers who might have development needs we can collaborate and share best practice."

Finally, Housemaster and teacher Nick Creed also shared his comments:

“Key differences I have noticed between pre and post implementation of SchooliP is that in terms of time and efficiencies, I have saved a great deal and I don’t feel it’s as much of a chore as it used to be. I now have a very simple system where I can go onto my own page on SchooliP, I have my details, my observations, my objectives, and ultimately I have my professional future mapped out.”

To discover how SchooliP can support your Independent School performance review processes and more, contact the Derventio Education team today on [0333 0433 450](tel:0333 0433 450) or email