Introducing Planet eStream - An iSAMS Enterprise Partner

Introducing Planet eStream - An iSAMS Enterprise Partner

This month, we are delighted to share a guest case study from Enterprise Partner Planet eStream. Planet eStream offer a digital signage module called Planet eSign, which integrates with iSAMS via the approved API. Below, Colin Peach, Network Manager, shares his experience of using iSAMS and Planet eSign at Cranmore School.
Cranmore School is a co-educational preparatory school in West Horsley, Surrey, teaching students between the ages of 2 ½ and 13 years’ old.

As an iSAMS school, Cranmore was keen to deliver their calendar and bulletin information alongside visually engaging digital signage, to make a real impact across the whole school community and encourage parental and visitor engagement.

Colin Peach identified Planet eStream as a solution that offered the opportunity to deliver key messages, showcase student work and achievements, promote events and activities and integrate key information from iSAMS, all in one simple to use platform.

After a consultative visit from one of the Planet eStream team, Colin was impressed with the workflow and flexibility of the solution, particularly the integration with iSAMS and MS Active Directory for user mapping. In addition, the wider opportunities to support video based learning by enhancing the digital learning provision via their Firefly VLE was also appealing, Cranmore School subsequently joined the eStream community in August 2016.

The school launched Planet eStream’s digital signage module - Planet eSign - across four screens, strategically located around the site. The Planet eSign screen designer has enabled Colin and his team to create a number of templates incorporating their own branding and layouts. The department heads have the autonomy to update the screen content with their media and materials to recognise student accomplishments and promote key information, providing a very flexible solution whilst maintaining a uniform look and feel across all screens. The school is also using Planet eSign to embed Twitter photos, PowerPoint photo slide shows and an RSS feed of the latest school news to the screen designs.

Colin says “Planet eSign has been extremely well received around the school, sharing news, images and information to the wider school community. We are now looking at the wider potential for enhancing video based learning via our VLE with Planet eStream.

“Cranmore School has been well supported by the Planet eStream team throughout the implementation and roll out process; the installation and training teams were excellent and we are now looking forward to developing our applications for Planet eStream further.”

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