Introducing Student Subject Self Reporting

Introducing Student Subject Self Reporting

This new feature allows students to add their own individual reflection reports for each subject they study.  Accessed through the Student Portal via the My Personal Subject Reports within My School Profile, the reports are simple and straightforward for students to complete. A full breakdown of all reports to be completed is visible and students can mark them as either draft, incomplete or complete.

Setting up Student Self Reporting

Similar to staff reporting, setting up student self reporting is easy and flexible. You can create individual templates for each subject within the Reporting Manager module; these templates can include grades and comments as required. Where comments are required, the text boxes can be set-up with minimum and maximum character allowances to ensure comments are within the required range.

Managing the Reports

Students are unable to see teachers’ reports unless the report has been marked as complete. You will need to decide what level of access students can have to their reports once they are able to see them, for example, selecting read only. Once students have written their reports, these can be viewed within the Reports Wizard and edited as required. Reports can be returned to students, if necessary, with comments explaining why the report has been returned.

Enabling this New Feature

For guidance on enabling and using this new feature, please see our helpful guide here.

Any Questions?

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call [+44 (0)1604 659115](tel:+44 (0)1604 659115) or email and we will be happy to discuss with you.