Introducing Synel – An iSAMS Enterprise Partner

Introducing Synel – An iSAMS Enterprise Partner

Synel offer schools a biometric student registration, cashless meals and access control. Synel have provided the below case study on the City of London School offering an insight into implementing and using Synel within a school.

Assisting to Increase Security, Ensure Safety and Track Attendance

City of London School is in the heart of the Square Mile, with 200 members of staff and 918 pupils. It is a City school in the truest sense, benefitting from the diversity and richness of the communities around it and from the wealth of opportunity brought to it by association with the City of London Corporation and the proximity to some of the world’s most important cultural, financial and business operations.

It is a truly vibrant community, with a strong sense of ambition and breadth of vision. The education the school espouses is broad and all-encompassing, giving boys the skills and understanding to think and act for themselves, to engage positively with those around them, to enjoy the opportunities the world offers and to approach the challenges of life with confidence.

The Challenge

A high level of security solutions and reliability was a top priority at the City of London School. The central location of the school right in the middle of one of the oldest and most touristic parts of London, combined with the many entrances of the building, made the challenge of effectively securing it even more complicated.

Access control until now was applied to perimeter doors or other sensitive points – leaving the remaining doors secured by conventional mechanical locks and multiple key holders. Despite a key register, it was next to impossible to control who had access to certain areas at different times.

Why City of London School chose Synel UK

Synel UK made sure that security solutions were applied in all three distinct security zones/perimeters. Different types of equipment were used in these perimeters depending on the security needs. From intercoms which identified pupils and staff by personal ID Cards through to wireless secured doors, everything was chosen to serve a specific security purpose. The ID cards were also used by the pupils for registration and cashless meals. Special Video intercoms were placed for visitors and contractors.

All these different aspects of the solution, are fully integrated to the Edureg system, one solution instead of having multiple different programs. Moreover, the Edureg system seamlessly integrates with the existing iSAMS management software of the school.

Synel’s Approach and Solution

The Edureg system enhanced the security in the external part of the building. The doors were secured with conventional mechanical locks and all problems with key control were eliminated.

The system provides real time information of all the people who were on site at any time therefore improving the security. The administration costs were reduced due to the integration of the new system with the school’s iSAMS system.

The hybrid standard and Wi-Fi access control solution of Synel UK, for internal and external doors and gates ensured the most cost-effective solution yet with the highest quality and security levels.

The Results

The Synel team had to overcome operations complications on-site which are common in large organisations such as CLS. Some examples of these complications were the very tight no fail deadline, a great number of doors and gates, the integration of standard & Wi-Fi solutions in three different perimeters of the building and co-operating with other third-party suppliers. Synel’s professional team was extremely efficient, fast and managed to overcome all obstacles and deliver the project on time just in time for the September term.

City of London School were impressed with Synel’s performance, “Synel are an outstanding company to work with. The installation team were excellent throughout the project: hard working, straight forward to deal with and very quick to understand our requirements. We have ended up with a great solution that we plan to expand upon as our needs develop.’ IT Systems Manager at City of London School, Joe Matthews

In summary, the school is now enjoying the following benefits of Edu-Reg:

  • Electronic Registration
  • Access control
  • Cashless Meals & Payments solution
  • Visitor Management
  • Fire roll and attendance in premises
  • Integration with iSAMS

Above all, the school increased security at a very sensitive and central location full of traffic and tourists, ensuring pupil and staff safety and tracking their attendance in the premises.

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