Introduction to Rebranding News

Introduction to Rebranding News

Hi, my name’s Matt Loveridge and I’ve joined iSAMS to help the senior management team rebrand the organisation. My work will be separated into a number of well-considered stages.

Managing Director, Alastair Price plans to divide the rebrand into 3 main channels:

  • Websites
  • Documents
  • Products

After holding a Q&A session with Alastair, I will carry out an intense 4-week audit of all communication tools used over the last decade.

Findings from both exercises will be documented in a formal presentation called, the audit readout.

Once the brand brief and creative brief are established, the design process can begin. I will create a range of trial applications to test my concept.

At all times I will:

  • Convey the brand personality
  • Create the right look and feel across all media
  • Demonstrate understanding of the target audience

If you have any questions about the iSAMS rebrand, feel free to get in contact.