iSAMS integration is the final piece of the jigsaw

iSAMS integration is the final piece of the jigsaw

SchoolsBuddy is software that handles schools’ extra-curricular needs – from sports and trips through to safeguarding outside of usual school hours. Already gaining popularity fast, its integration with iSAMS has seen its popularity spread around the world.

Our integration gives SchoolsBuddy access to all the necessary school, student and parent information to create true end-to-end flow of information for activities management.

Activities co-ordinators can quickly create easy-to-use ‘activity signups’. They can push messages to parents and pupils over the SchoolsBuddy mobile app to tell them signups are available, and everyone receives emails and updates when logged into the secure SchoolsBuddy portal.

Once pupil/parent responses are collated, SchoolsBuddy’s clever algorithms enable an impressive single-click allocation for an unlimited number of pupils, ensuring no two activities for the same pupil on the same day and a fair allocation process. It works a similar way with music lessons, for example: first-come first-served signups enable single music lesson slots to be registered for, allocated and automatically populated in students’ diaries.

All attendance is recorded by mobile registers, with instant absentee alerts, and automatic notifications and diary updates for parents, pupils and staff boost activity attendance figures.

The software handles sporting fixtures particularly well. It tracks results, statistics and match reports, so students can build up a complete school history of sporting statistics.

All parents know that parent/pupil communication can be an issue; SchoolsBuddy builds in parent consent requests, and fee payments where applicable, from the moment of group set-up and sign-up. SchoolsBuddy lifts engagement, participation and communication, and its successful iSAMS integration simplifies set-up and ongoing management.