iSAMS integration reaches larger target audience

iSAMS integration reaches larger target audience

BridgeU is an online platform which promises to make the bewildering task of choosing the right university course rather more scientific.

The UK alone offers more than 40,000 undergraduate courses; if you’re a student considering studying for a degree in another country, the choices grow exponentially. No school careers service could hope to offer the kind of in-depth analysis needed to explore every higher education option available. But BridgeU can. It uses big data to help students make the best decision for their chances of university and post-graduation success.

Matching algorithms measure students’ academic, professional and social preferences, all customisable by the student, to identify the courses and universities which will fit their achievements and ambitions. BridgeU even offers a tool to guide applicants into writing personal statements which will best support their applications.

It’s an all-round tool, offering admissions tracking, comparison and task management for teachers and careers staff, collaboration between school staff and students, and even parent reporting capabilities. It’s proving particularly popular with independent and international schools, and in its first two years has been used by tens of thousands of students.

Of course, what makes BridgeU so powerful and so accurate is its use of student, school and university data. iSAMS is the fastest-growing MIS for schools and because all information is accessed from a single database, it’s ideal for drawing out all that invaluable data.

BridgeU is an iSAMS enterprise partner, so we gave them Batch API access to provide a simple connection. Data protection is built in, and students have to give permission for BridgeU to access their information. Automatic provisioning makes the integration easy for schools too.

In just two years BridgeU has gone from start-up to international leader; now iSAMS integration enhances its visibility, ease of acceptance and ease of use with a potential audience of hundreds more schools in the UK and abroad.