iSAMS Supporting #Laptops4Developers

iSAMS Supporting #Laptops4Developers

Information technology is ingrained into almost every aspect of our daily lives on Western continents and has been for the best part of two decades, so it's easy to see how we've grown to take it for granted. Meanwhile, in continents such as Africa, as little as one fifth of the population has access to a broadband connection.

But this is starting to change.

Image credit: KhoPhi Photography

Fuelled by mobile connectivity and propelled by social media, the technological revolution is spreading across the African continent. This in turn has given birth to a community of software and tech developers, eager to establish themselves as part of the wider global industry. One of the many challenges facing them is access to sophisticated equipment.

At iSAMS our dedicated Team of Developers are the backbone of our software, and we wouldn't be able to continue expanding and enhancing our platform without them; in any software company, their Developers represent the future advancement of the industry. If Africa is to continue progressing in the technological space, then they are going to need the support of digital equipment.

That's why we jumped at the opportunity to donate 7 laptops to the Nigeria-based #Laptops4Developers campaign that's hitting the web right now.

According to its founders, this programme was set up for 2 key reasons:

  1. To reduce the number of people learning programming exclusively on their mobile phones.
  2. To help support movements to reduce the country's unemployment rate.

They aim to do this by providing upcoming Developers in Nigeria with: a good laptop, a comprehensive mentoring programme and a programming course. Accepting 20 applicants at a time, this project will pair new Developers with an experienced mentor who will work with them to develop their software skills in a number of significant areas.

By offering our support to such a worthy cause, we hope to contribute in some small way towards furthering the development of the global technological community.

To find out more about this important scheme, please visit its GoFundMe page.