My Network Space

My Network Space

One of the most requested features that we get asked for by our schools is the ability for teachers and pupils to access their network documents and shares from either iSAMS, the Student Portal or a web browser. After over a year of research and development and a long BETA phase we now have a complete solution that will enable schools to provide this facility.

The Solution

The solution is simple to install, easy to maintain and is designed to integrate into a schools existing Active Directory and NTFS security. The solution works by creating a web application in the root of your iSAMS web site which exposes a WebDAV node. This WebDAV node provides the initial security and “share routes” to enable end users to not only access their network documents but any network share they are allowed access to. The network shares that a user is allowed access to can easily be controlled by a system administrator. The WebDAV node presents the available files and folders to either an iSAMS module – My Network Space, a web view within the Student Portal or a standalone file browser built on HTML 5 standards that is multi-browser compatible. The application can even be embedded within an existing intranet or content management system.

The WebDAV node authenticates via Active Directory and uses the same NTFS security configured for each share – there is no additional security that the system administrator needs to apply.

iSAMS Module – My Network Space

We have created an intuitive module within iSAMS called My Network Space that is designed for teachers and staff to use. It provides a Windows Explorer style module to allow end users the ability to access their network documents and shares. It has all the same functionality that you would expect from a file explorer: context menus, column ordering, drag and drop, copy, cut, paste etc. It supports simple download and upload processes. The module also supports “breakout” where the browser can be opened in a new window or accessed without needing to log into iSAMS.

Standalone Version – HTML 5 Support

To make the solution as accessible as possible we have made the whole application multi-browser compatible. It is built using HTML 5 standards and as such works flawlessly with Chrome, Firefox and Safari and can also be accessed on mobile and tablet devices. One of the best features of this approach is that it supports the new local drag and drop functionality that allows end users to upload and download files and folders from a web browser to their local machine.

Full Release

The current version has been BETA tested at over 15 schools over the last year and has been well received by end users. The solution is now out of BETA and is available to all schools as a full release.

If you would like to trial this module please contact our sales department on +44 (0)1604 659100 or e-mail: