New support feature in Pupil Manager

New support feature in Pupil Manager

The successful introduction of ‘private contacts’ to our Pupil Manager module many years ago provided admin and teaching staff with the ability to bypass the default family contact system and mark a contact as private to selected members of a family in order to overcome any unique, and at times, complex family structures.

Following some valuable feedback from our client schools, we have now extended this functionality to support and manage ‘Companies’ as private contacts using some new ‘Linked Pupils’ functionality. This allows multiple pupils, spanning across several different families, to be privately linked to a single company, for example, ‘iSAMS Airlines’.

The update will provide schools with an improved private contacts system and offer greater flexibility and control over managing multiple, unrelated pupils linked to a single private contact or company.

If you would like to learn more about this new feature or any of the benefits of using Pupil Manager within your school, please contact our help desk by emailing