Our 300th School

Our 300th School

We are delighted that iSAMS has now been selected as the MIS provider of choice by over 300 schools across the globe. Having received significant interest from schools both in the UK and internationally, we are thrilled to be supporting so many schools with their education administrative systems.

Founded in 2007, iSAMS is now present across the globe with system implementations taking place in schools across the UK, Qatar, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Kuwait, Dubai, India, Japan, Czech Republic, Belgium, Thailand, Zambia, Singapore, China, USA, Iraq, Mongolia, Russia, Malaysia, Seychelles, Abu Dhabi, Kenya, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Slovakia and Poland.

In addition to a number of established independent schools looking for support from iSAMS to streamline and enhance their information management, we have also been approached by a number of new schools (opening in September 2014), academies and preparatory schools.

Alastair Price, Co-Founder and Director at iSAMS is particularly excited by the recent milestone:

It’s a significant achievement to have welcomed so many new schools to iSAMS over the last few months, we are delighted. Not only that, we are humbled by the number of schools contacting us having been recommended by a partner or local school already using our MIS. It is a real credit to the team for their on-going commitment and hard work to ensure that iSAMS always remains at the cutting edge. We have a number of exciting plans and system development initiatives currently in progress for launch this year. Fast approaching is the rollout of iSAMS with multi-browser capability to all our clients from September but there will also be announcements about product enhancements, new modules and new third-party partnerships too. It’s an exciting time for iSAMS.