New Business Systems Manager

New Business Systems Manager

We are delighted to welcome Felice Plava to iSAMS as our new Business Systems Manager. Felice will be working closely with our client schools to capture any new system requirements and developments, ensuring their timely delivery and successful integration.

Felice will be working closely with our developments team, aiming to become the key link between them and our schools. This will further develop the communication channels between all parties regarding requirements specifications, project priorities and scheduled deadlines. It will also ensure that our IT projects are going to plan and that we are delivering solutions according to the needs of our schools.

In addition, Felice will be assisting with prioritising all the development requests received via UserVoice. It is important that the development streams are both concise and manageable, whilst addressing the many valuable requests that we regularly receive on this forum.

As Business Systems Manager, Felice will also be actively involved in enhancing the functionality of each of the iSAMS modules and managing the ongoing product roadmap to provide our schools with greater visibility of any planned product launches, updates and releases. We want our clients to continue to benefit from our ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, world-class data management solutions.

Felice moved to iSAMS from the Open University where he was a Business Analyst working on the development of a new Curriculum Management system. He has many years’ experience of working in IT, having held both Project Management and Support roles.