New iTeacher App has launched

New iTeacher App has launched

We are excited to announce that our highly anticipated iTeacher App has launched.

Available for iOS and Android devices, the iTeacher App is the first MIS App that provides teaching staff with the ability to do 70% of their daily duties using a hand held device.

We understand how crucial it is for teachers to be able access important school information and complete key administrative tasks, quickly and efficiently. The new iTeacher App, launched as part of a suite of iSAMS Apps, offers teachers a valuable tool for completing their daily classroom tasks at the click of a button, and importantly - at their convenience.

It also offers a combination of sophisticated communication tools including an Emergency Broadcast facility, free push notifications, email and SMS.

Testing the apps

In order to test the iTeacher App, your school will need to be using the iSAMS MIS system. If you are an existing school, please email and we can organise for a trial to be set-up for you.

If you’re not already using iSAMS, please contact us to find out more and learn about how we may be able to assist with your MIS requirements.

Please email or call us on +44 (0)1604 659100.

We look forward to hearing from you.