Partnership Schools

Partnership Schools

iSAMS are looking for schools that are making good use of most aspects of iSAMS and who would like to become a member of an iSAMS Partnership.

Partnership Schools will have the opportunity to influence the future development and on-going support of the iSAMS products. This opportunity is open to schools from all sectors: Prep, Secondary and International.

The Benefits to our Schools

At iSAMS we want to be able to offer the very best Management System to our schools. We want to offer the highest levels of support and back up services to our clients. As we continue to grow we want to make sure we are developing and growing the product to the satisfaction of our client base. In order to do this we feel that we need to have more involvement from our users and we believe that the Partnership approach offers the best way forward for iSAMS as the supplier and our schools as the clients.

The characteristics that we are looking for in our Partnership Schools are as follows:

  • The school has a comprehensive understanding of Management Information Systems
  • Using most of the current iSAMS modules
  • A comprehensive understanding of iSAMS
  • A strong technical understanding/background
  • Full Integration of iSAMS throughout the school
  • An enthusiasm to share best practice with other users
  • Good communication skills

Release Candidate Site

iSAMS is a fast developing software solution – in a single academic year we release over 2000 enhancements and bug fixes. It is developed from ideas and requirements provided by our schools. We want to continue to develop in this manner but we want to explore the concept of releasing new enhancements via release candidates prior to full release. Partnership Schools would need to agree and be in a position to receive all releases and updates prior to full release.


Partnership Schools would have access to the latest versions of software and large module enhancements. All future software upgrades and new modules would be introduced to the Beta Sites prior to going on full release. This would allow us to manage future product changes within a smaller focus group.

Development User Group

Partnership Schools would meet to discuss product development and be in a position to assist iSAMS in formalising, agreeing specifications and contribute to the release of enhancement features.

Assist iSAMS with the communication to existing users and interact with iSAMS schools by generating feedback on future development and feature enhancements.

The future development of iSAMS relies on its client base to drive the product forwards. In order to achieve this it is vital that clients are available to discuss such development plans and act as a representative for the marketplace.

Communication & Training

Partnership schools would be able to recommend and help design course topics and influence our training department. We want to be in a position, where we can offer more focused training to end users. The aim is to improve the knowledge amongst our clients which will in turn reduce the help requests coming in via support. We will also reduce support requests by releasing documentation which is now well underway.

Documentation & Support

As iSAMS continues to grow its client base, it is very important that we continue to improve the support department and the support that is offered to our schools. We will work closely with our Partnership Schools to review the current procedures and policies. Partnership Schools will be given access to system documentation as it is produced and would be able to proof and comment prior to its release.

If you would like to put your school forward as a potential Partnership School then please email your interest to If you have any questions prior to making a decision then please do not hesitate to contact or

Schools will be selected according to various requirements. We would like to have a range of schools so might only chose one Boarding School, one Boy’s School, one Day School etc. We need to ensure that we cover the wide range of needs for the various schools that we work with.