Single central record update for HR Manager

Single central record update for HR Manager

We are pleased to announce that following an upgrade to the ‘Probation and Security’ section within HR Manager, all records required for the Single Central Record (SCR) can now be kept in one place. This will allow Single Central Record data to be extracted when required.

What’s Changing To Accommodate This?

The ‘Probation and Security’ section of the HR module is being replaced with a new ‘Disclosure and Probation’ section.

The new ‘Disclosure and Probation’ section allows for the details required to complete a Single Central Record (SCR) to be recorded. From early September you will be able to generate the Single Central Record by running a report from within iSAMS.

Due to the requirements of individual LEAs regarding the format of this report, it may be that you have different requirements to those shown within the current report offered. Should this be the case, please contact our Support Centre providing your LEA SCR template and we will happily add this to the system for you.

Disclosure And Probation Section Details

All data, including any custom fields will be migrated over from the ‘Probation and Security’ section into the relevant areas of the ‘Disclosure and Probation’ section. This may mean some manual tidying up of fields/data within the ‘Disclosure and Probation’ section as the Single Central Record report will only extract data from non-custom fields.

On release of the new ‘Disclosure and Probation’ section, the ‘Probation and Security’ section will not disappear immediately. It will remain within the HR Manager module under the new heading ‘Legacy Prob & Security’ until 1st December 2016. Information stored here will be for reference only and will not be editable. After 1st December 2016, this section of HR Manager will be removed completely.

Where Can I Find This New Section?

The new ‘Disclosure and Probation’ menu item has been added to the ‘Additional Information’ menu items, above ‘Legacy Prob & Security’ and has the same staff page security as the existing ‘Probation and Security’ menu item.

When Are The Changes Being Released?

The update will be rolled-out as part of the scheduled system update from the 1st September 2016.

Find Out More

Detailed information about the items contained within the ‘Disclosure and Probation’ section and how to run the Single Central Record report can be found by downloading our supporting document here.

Contact Us With Any Questions

If you have any questions about the new ‘Disclosure and Probation’ section or running the Single Central Record report please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call +44 (0)1604 659115 or email and we will be happy to discuss with you.