SMS Gateway v2.0 - Now with Inbound Messaging

SMS Gateway v2.0 - Now with Inbound Messaging

We are particularly excited about a new feature to the SMS Gateway v2.0 that allows inbound messaging for improved two-way communications with your entire school community.

The SMS Gateway now allows you to receive incoming messages, so your school community can benefit from being able to respond to your SMS messages free of charge. In addition, you can also specify the number that users reply to, allowing for enhanced two-way communications with your different school audiences.

The introduction of inbound messaging to the SMS Gateway v2.0 offers the option to use SMS for communications that require quick responses, as in today’s mobile age it’s more than likely your intended recipients will have their mobile phone to hand.

Key features:

  • Receive inbound messages free of charge
  • Unlimited inbound numbers
  • Specify the reply number for each communication
  • Direct inbound messages to a specific email address
  • Automated acknowledgements to a recipient on receipt of their message
  • Full logging capabilities

Managing your Inbound Numbers

You are able to manage your inbound numbers through the ‘Manage Virtual number’ section under ‘Inbound Configuration’. Your first inbound number is offered free of charge and can be set-up today if you’re already using SMS Gateway v2.0. Any additional numbers will be charged at £25.00 +VAT per number, however replies to all inbound numbers are free of charge.

To set-up an inbound number, select ‘Add Virtual Number’ and choose a number for your school from the list. If you wish to add additional numbers, please raise a ticket with our Service Desk to quickly and easily create a new inbound number.


When sending SMS messages, you are now able to create workflows within iSAMS to define what happens with the inbound messages you receive. These workflows are linked to messages using the key word for a message. For example, you could use REG as the key word when sending a message about registrations. You can also define an email address for your incoming messages to go to, so you can monitor and manage your SMS communications without needing to log into iSAMS. Furthermore, you can set up auto responses to acknowledge you have received user’s messages.

Message Logs

All responses to your SMS messages will be logged within the ‘Inbound Gateway Logs’ section, creating a complete communication history. Here you will be able to monitor and audit all responses you receive for each SMS message you send, helping you to easily manage your SMS communications.

Turning on Inbound Messaging

If you are currently using our SMS Gateway v2.0, the great news is you can turn on inbound messages now. Find out how on iCommunity here.

Looking to Launch SMS Gateway v2.0 at your school?

If you are ready to launch our SMS Gateway v2.0 at your school, please email or call [+44 1604 659100](tel:+44 1604 659100) and we will be delighted to share additional information or set-up a trial.