The Society of Heads' Annual Conference 2019

The Society of Heads' Annual Conference 2019

This year the Society of Heads' Annual Conference programme focuses on evidence-driven approaches to empowering learning, best practice guidance and building a system that facilitates your school's future growth. We're very much looking forward to attending this event from Monday 4th - Wednesday 6th March and discussing how our Management Information System (MIS) can further support your school in achieving its goals.

See you there!

Jamie Reid and Lisa Evans will be at the conference all day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you’re also going to be there, talk to us about the challenges you're facing in enhancing student learning, driving your school's development and improving outcomes across the school community.

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Put us on the spot: speak to us about one of our exciting features below or ask how we can support you in overcoming some of your current MIS problems.

Supporting future growth

We want to make sure that our schools get the best value for money, which is one of the reasons iSAMS is based on a modular approach; you don't have to invest in large packages of which you're not going to use the full capacity. Our dedicated team will work with you to identify the key functionalities you need and build a custom MIS that will best support your school in meeting its short- and long-term goals.

Not only this, but as your school community grows as do the ways in which we increase the accessibility of key information for every staff member, student and parent. Because your school is never static, neither are we - and we have been continually enhancing our web-based MIS for over a decade, adding and updating a variety of features, like our suite of multilingual apps, that you can use 24/7, whenever it's most convenient for you and wherever you are in the world.

Tracking student progress

How much data do you need to effectively input in order to accurately track the progress of each individual student or groups of students? And is there a manageable way in which you can do this? Our Tracking Manager module automatically pulls through a comprehensive amount of information from other iSAMS modules to enable you to analyse the academic performance of your students and monitor their progress over time. There are also options for you to export this information in a visually friendly format to share with other staff members and key stakeholders where needed.

Empowering learning

Encourage students to take charge of their own learning through quicker and more effective communications tools and access channels. Our Student Portal gives students an instant overview of their timetable, teaching groups, reports and exam/assessment information, in addition to their attendance records and details surrounding rewards and detention. However, we recognise that there are still more effective ways of reaching and engaging with your students - for example, how attached are they to their mobile phones? With our intuitive iStudent App, students can make use of an easily navigable dashboard to gain instant insights into essential school updates, and you can make sure they have everything they need to know literally at their fingertips.

Event details

The event is taking place at Whittlebury Hall, Towcester from Monday 4th to Wednesday 6th March. For the full list of speakers, event programme and venue details, please visit the Society of Heads' website.

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We hope to see you at the Society of Heads' Annual Conference soon!

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