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Registration Manager Feature Update

A new feature has been developed in the Registration module, due to be released in iSAMS version 8.0.920, that means student timetables will now be shown in the ‘Take a Register’ screen. It will work

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Be Prepared with our Emergency Broadcast Functionality

The Emergency Broadcast functionality is available as part of the SMS Gateway v2 and allows you to send SMS communications in just a couple of clicks, to your school community. Whilst we hope you will not need

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Admissions Portal Merge Applicants

As part of further updates to the Admissions Portal, we have developed new functionality designed to identify and merge duplicate applicants that are found during the Admissions process. For the merge facility to be available, one of

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Uploading Badge Templates in Student Manager

There is now the ability to upload badge templates in the Student Manager module. This helpful new feature provides the ability to upload badge templates in the Student Manager module. To upload a badge template, select a

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Fee Billing – New and Improved Invoicing Process

A Dynamic Invoice Process Over the past few months, we have been working towards creating a more dynamic and future proof process for the Fee Billing module. We’re delighted to have achieved this improved process with

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Enhanced Period View in Registration

This recent enhancement means that when accessing the Period View tab within Registration, only the AM and PM registrations will be displayed by default. Previously, when accessing this tab, all registration periods were displayed. If you would