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Read up on the most recent iSAMS enhancements.

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Enhanced Period View in Registration

This recent enhancement means that when accessing the Period View tab within Registration, only the AM and PM registrations will be displayed by default. Previously, when accessing this tab, all registration periods were displayed. If you would

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Bulk Deleting Registration Dates and Times

This new enhancement within the Registration module means that future registration periods can be deleted in bulk for a day or any number of days, handy for removing registrations on an INSET day. In addition to this,

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New Feature in HR Manager and Fee Billing Modules

This handy new feature means you can now add customs reports to the HR Manager and the Fee Billing modules. These custom reports can be added within the Allocation tab of the SQL Reporting Manager module under

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Teaching Manager now links Multiple Sets Together

Our Teaching Manager module now has the ability to link multiple sets together in one go using a simple wizard, removing the need to do this individually. How to Link Multiple Sets Within the Subject List tab

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Enhanced Search Function in Admissions Module

It’s now quick and easy to search for applicants using their fee deposit reference in the Admissions module. This search is completed in the Admissions module > Applicant tab > Query Builder tab. Within the Data Field dropdown,

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Bulk Edit User Authentication Type

This new feature allows you to bulk edit user’s authentication types within the Control Panel, for example moving everyone from the iSAMS Authentication over to Active Directory, removing the need to edit these authentication types individually