Teaching Manager now links Multiple Sets Together

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Our Teaching Manager module now has the ability to link multiple sets together in one go using a simple wizard, removing the need to do this individually.

How to Link Multiple Sets

Within the Subject List tab in Teaching Manager, select ‘Edit sets’ for the subject you would like to edit and then select ‘Edit’ on your chosen set. Once in your chosen set, under the Linked Sets section click on ‘Browse Sets’ to open the Link Sets window, from here you can browse all the sets or use the headers to filter the list. Tick to select the sets you want to link together and click ‘Save’. The sets that have been linked together will be visible under the Linked Sets section for that particular set.

Please note: Linked sets share a central pupil list. If you link to a set that is also linked to other sets, then these other sets will also become linked to your chosen set and will be shown in the Linked Sets section.

To unlink these sets at any time, simply click the unlink button shown against the linked sets in the Linked Sets section.

Contact us with any Questions

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