Step 2 — The audit process

Step 2 — The audit process

Redesigning an existing identity system requires an examination of the communication and marketing tools used in the past. Identifying what has worked and what has been successful (or even dysfunctional) provides valuable learning in the creation of a new identity.

I’ve separated the audit into two sections:

  • Customer experience
  • Competition

I’ve concentrated on branding and what’s available to the end user.

Each department at iSAMS provided the content required and what you see below is only a fraction of everything considered (I’ve literally examined thousands of items).

1. Customer experience audit

The signature and its guidelines

A range of document covers

A range of internal pages


Marketing collateral

Animation by

support.isams | documentation.isams | uservoice.isams

icommunity.isams | developer.isams

The product

Mobile apps

2. Competitive audit

Progresso (

Schoolbase (



Admin Plus (

Edmodo (

PowerSchool (

Schoology (