WCBS Pass integration

WCBS Pass integration

We are pleased to announce that SalamanderSoft has developed an integration solution from iSAMS to WCBS PASS Finance.

The solution will pull data from iSAMS and ensure that your PASS Finance system reflects the data in iSAMS. This avoids manual re-keying and the resulting mistakes within your data records.

Salamandersoft are partners with both iSAMS and WCBS so you can be assured that the solution is fully supported.

Currently, the system will support updating pupil and contact information in PASS. So whether it’s applicants, current pupils or leavers we can update PASS accordingly. The system is completely configurable, so you can integrate as little or as much information as you want.

Staff, extra-curricular and exam billing integration will follow once WCBS complete their API.

For details how to purchase this integration service, please contact Richard Willis at:

If the Bursary is not entirely happy with the WCBS Finance system and is considering an alternative then iSAMS does have its own Fees Billing Module and we would be happy to arrange a demonstration if this is of interest.