We now offer the Microsoft School Data Sync

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I am pleased to announce we are now offering the Microsoft School Data Sync which mirrors data from your iSAMS system into Office 365 and Azure Active Directory.

What is the Microsoft School Data Sync?

The Microsoft School Data Sync allows data to be mirrored from iSAMS into Office 365 and Azure Active Directory. The data sync offers automated provisioning of online classrooms and teacher and student accounts, saving on administration time. The data is easy to access as any classroom application can access the encrypted cloud-based data. This data sync is also very flexible and can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Teams and other 3rd party products.

More information on this school data sync is available on the Microsoft website here.

Reporting from iSAMS

We have created a suite of SSRS extract reports that export the information into CSV format. These SSRS reports will export data for students, teachers and school sets.

Please see the below list of available reports:

  • School Export – this pulls the division information out of the system along with the minimum and maximum school years, plus some school information entered into the Census section of iSAMS.
  • Section Export – this extracts the active teaching sets from the system, complete with active course information.
  • Student Export – this exports current student information attached to the divisions within the system, along with the current student’s home address details and the student’s correspondence details.
  • Student Enrolment Export – this pulls the active teaching set information, along with the current students associated to those sets.
  • Teacher Export – an export that shows current staff information from the system, complete with the divisions they are associated to (including a filter so you select teaching staff only).
  • Teacher Roster Export – this shows all active teaching set information, along with the teachers associated to those active sets.

Launching the Microsoft School Data Sync

If you would like to take advantage of the benefits of these reports, please contact our Service Desk on +44 (0)1604 659115 or to place a request. Our Reporting Services team will be happy to upload the reports to your iSAMS system and offer some advice on how best to use them.