The cloud-based iSAMS Admissions Portal includes a host of enhancements to improve your school's admissions process. Based on feedback received from schools, we continue to upgrade and improve our software offering, and Admissions is no different. With the Admissions Portal, we aim to provide greater flexibility around the different application processes required by admissions’ teams, while also offering a bespoke solution to go completely paperless. 

The Admissions Portal sits nicely within your school’s PR website with all the necessary branding to make it tailored to your school. Quick and easy access allows parents to complete the required enquiry and registration forms, as well as paying the relevant deposit.

With the ability to have multiple enquiry and registration forms, you can tailor each one to make it relevant for the year or entry point of your incoming applications. The portal also helps admissions’ teams keep on top of all incoming enquiry forms, with automated email notifications and applicant flagging when a deposit is outstanding.

Furthermore, personalised emails can also be sent to parents to confirm an application has been submitted. These offer an ideal opportunity to provide parents with additional information about your specific admissions process and/or request for any files or documents to be sent across to assist with the application.

Key features

Quick and easy online enquiries - Manage incoming enquiries efficiently with a cloud-based portal that is accessible for parents 24/7, in one simple form. The portal also caters for multiple enquiry forms, supporting different admissions processes and workflows.

Online registration fee payments - Integrate with iSAMS Payments and process registration fees and payments seamlessly within the portal.

Applicant flagging - Ensure that payments are received on time, for the benefit of both your admissions staff and your applicant parents, with an automated applicant flagging system.

Email notifications - The Admissions Portal offers automated email notifications for both parents and staff to confirm receipt of enquiry and any further details that you need to share.

School branding - Create a dedicated website for your school’s admissions process, that sits seamlessly within your existing school website. The portal can be fully branded with your school’s logo and colour scheme and is easy to customise to ensure you are providing parents with the information that is most relevant to your school.

Real-time reporting - Admissions offers real-time insights into applications and registrations for reporting to management and reviewing performance.

Integrate with iSAMS - Data is quickly pulled directly into the iSAMS Admissions module, ensuring you have access to all registration data as soon as you need it and eliminating time-consuming manual entry.

A simple parent focused solution

Using the Admissions Cloud Portal, parents can now quickly request a call back from the school. They can also create an account to view and track their application, make payments, and view upcoming events such as open days.

The Admissions Portal was created to help schools facilitate the relationship between them and their applicant parents. Ultimately, the smoother the admissions process, the better the experience for parents - resulting in a positive relationship from the very beginning. iSAMS Admissions Portal helps you to build strong foundations with each student and parent, with all the functionality you need to operate at maximum efficiency.