12 February, 2024

How to make your school comms more efficient

Keeping your entire school community connected is vital to maximising efficiency and providing the best learning experience for...
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29 January, 2024

How to prioritise GDPR compliance in schools

The number of cyber-attacks across industries continues to grow, with around 30% of businesses reporting a cyber incident in the...
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19 January, 2024

Top 10 iSAMS highlights of 2023

We had another great year here at iSAMS in 2023 – with some exciting new product releases and updates, as well as plenty of...
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16 January, 2024

Compliance software for schools: What to look for

Your software is a key contributor to your ability to run your school at maximum efficiency every day. When supporting HR,...
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09 January, 2024

Keeping girls active with PeBe expert-led breast education

This is a guest blog by an Enterprise Marketplace Partner Female-founded business, PeBe, is at the forefront of revolutionising...
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18 December, 2023

Key features of SEN software for independent schools

Every school has different requirements from their student and academic management systems, and their processes are unique. This...
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11 December, 2023

The potential of Power BI for schools

Microsoft’s Power BI technology has already made waves in industries around the globe. Its ability to easily integrate with...
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04 December, 2023

How software helps with supporting children's mental health in schools

Student wellbeing has always been a top priority for schools. Confident and happy students make for productive and positive...
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27 November, 2023

Harnessing Big Data analytics in education

Schools process a large amount of data on a daily basis. Whether it’s individual student data, performance data, or other...
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20 November, 2023

Integrated school wellbeing features within iSAMS

At iSAMS, we know just how important wellbeing is to your school. We’re keen to ensure that our schools can take a holistic...
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