10 July, 2024

New school year checklist for MIS administrators

The start of the new academic year is fast approaching and many school administrators will be looking to update their MIS systems...
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09 July, 2024

Why offer a school fee plan via Direct Debit?

Direct Debits and payment plans have become the norm for managing the vast majority of outgoing bills and payments in the UK....
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01 July, 2024

How iSAMS supports Independent school parents

The staff at your child's school interact with their school software every day. You might even be familiar with the specific...
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17 June, 2024

How software can support the recruitment process in schools

Every recruitment process has its challenges. This is even more true for schools, where safeguarding and driving school...
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10 June, 2024

Benefits of collecting school fees by direct debit

Efficiently collecting your school fees and managing your budgets effectively is ultimately what enables your school to operate...
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03 June, 2024

Go paperless with accounting, admissions and enrollment management software

The concept of going paperless isn’t necessarily a new one. However, schools manage large data stores every single day, and all...
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22 May, 2024

Steps to achieving safer recruitment in education

While an efficient recruitment process is important, safeguarding your students is always the priority when looking for a new...
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14 May, 2024

Supporting teachers during school reports season

Reports season can be one of the most taxing times of year for teachers, as the time-consuming task of drafting school reports is...
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29 April, 2024

Benefits of a bespoke payroll software for Independent schools

No matter the size and roles that make up your school’s HR department, it’s important to ensure that all functions are fully...
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10 April, 2024

Benefits of effective communication in schools

Effective and efficient communication is key in all schools and ensures the full school community is connected. Parents are keen...
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