Review365 is an app built by Hable, to help our Office365 schools move the staff appraisal process online. It will help schools that offer world-class education improve staff performance and collect valuable data, whilst reducing the admin overhead for both your staff and your managers.

How it works

Before the annual review process begins, staff are given a clear set of competencies, skills or behaviours which they will be measured against. This helps people understand exactly what is expected of them in their current role, or in the next one, if they have ambitions for promotion. For the leaders in your school, it removes ambiguity and gives real focus to the “have you had a good year?” conversation.

Let staff self-assess using their simple online tool, populated with the specific competencies for their role. Give leaders an easy way to view the performance of an individual, a team, or the whole organisation.

Review365 is a web app, which will launch from the Microsoft’s Office 365 “waffle” (aka the App Launcher). It will be deployed into your school’s existing Office365 tenancy and the data will all be stored in Azure.

Users will therefore not need a new username or password, as their Office365 account will be used for authentication.

A valuable fit

iSAMS and Hable share very strong values to support the most successful and prestigious schools in the world to provide world-class education. Review365 is the perfect fit to improve staff performance with the collection of valuable data for those schools who already use iSAMS web-based management information system.

“When we started talking about joining their marketplace, we immediately saw how this could be an incredible opportunity for Review365 to help iSAMS’ 750 schools around the world move the appraisal process online. Review365 allows you to look at the key teaching competences and focus on teacher improvement and development, not just on results.”

Mark Reynolds, Hable CEO & Founder

The need for appraisal

In every great organisation, the most valuable asset is its staff. This is particularly true in schools, where the quality of teachers defines the value of the school. It is fundamental to be able to identify how to assess, motivate and develop your talent with the use of data.

In Review365, the appraisal process works will look like this:

  • Staff members (the Appraisee) self-assess against a set of competencies
  • The Appraiser (manager) rates the Appraisee against that same set of competencies
  • The Appraisal or review meeting is used for moderation, which is all tracked online
  • Schools use the Data to identify training needs & manage performance

Our app is pre-populated with competency grids developed with JESS Dubai. If you already have your own competency framework, then we can simply upload that into Review365.

“This is an incredible opportunity for schools in our community have a clear overview of all the competencies that we want teachers, school leaders and school support staff to develop and master.”

Mark Reynolds, Hable CEO & Founder

Get in touch

Get in touch with the Hable team to book a free Review365 demo! They can offer demos of the app through Skype and discuss how Review365 can integrate with your existing Office 365 tenancy.