At iSAMS, we know just how important wellbeing is to your school. We’re keen to ensure that our schools can take a holistic approach to wellbeing throughout their school community.  

That’s why we have a range of solutions within, and in addition to, the iSAMS MIS that enable you to prioritise wellbeing and ensure each student receives the support they need to thrive at school. 

The following systems can help support your pastoral teams, teaching staff, and leadership teams to manage wellbeing within your school every day. A combination of these solutions can help to provide a whole-school approach, including supporting GDPR, behavioural concerns, teacher time management, and more. 


Central was created to help schools harness their data with user-friendly dashboards and data visualisations. Power BI technology provides data-backed insights to support decision-making and drive school performance. 

However, Central also offers dedicated behaviour, SEN, and wellbeing reports. Analyse student behaviour and wellbeing using the in-built reports for real-time updates on student concerns, rewards, conduct, detentions, and more. 

You can also use the solution to effortlessly track house points, positive and negative incidents, and compare that data for a clear understanding of behavioural performance. 



Data Protection module for consent 

Your school’s data stores need to comply with GDPR or other local legislations and prioritise the protection of sensitive data. The Data Protection module was created with this in mind. 

The module enables you to manage Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), so that student images are only shared with parental or guardian consent. This can be easily and efficiently captured during the admissions process, thanks to the integration with the Admissions Portal. 

You can then create individual consent registers within iSAMS according to your school’s specific needs. Parents and students can also view their consents in the parent and student portals, depending on your display preferences. 



Reward & Conduct Manager 

The Reward & Conduct Manager was created to provide schools with a custom module that can be adapted to suit their needs. You can custom build and manage your own structure and empower your teachers to easily reward students anytime, thanks to the integration with the iTeacher App. 

Instant notifications can be set up to ensure that everyone involved in a student’s care is updated on their performance. Depending on your needs, you can also run a house points system to reward and encourage students for positive behaviour, as a group activity. 

Pastoral teams can also use this module to conduct a full analysis across reward and conduct records, providing an easy view of overall student performance. This enables schools to target concerns or positively reinforce commendations. These reports can also be shared via email to authorised users to keep key staff members up to date. 



iTeacher App 

The iTeacher App was created to help teachers better manage their time with an efficient and accessible smartphone or tablet application. Enable your teachers to focus on what’s most important by reducing the time consumption of repetitive admin. 

Within iTeacher, teachers can award commendations and detentions to students as they happen, and get a wider view of all rewards and conducts per student. This then integrates with our wider selection of apps, as parents can be instantly notified when their child receives a merit – within the iParent App 

The iTeacher App enables your staff to stay organised and manage their time more effectively, with timetables and cover arrangements accessible within the app. 

Ultimately, by improving overall teacher time management, your staff can focus on what matters most – teaching and engaging with their students. 



Wellbeing Manager 

Our dedicated pastoral module is instrumental in identifying behavioural changes in students and supporting your overall wellbeing strategy. The solution was created to provide schools with a space for monitoring and managing life events and student wellbeing concerns, taking a proactive approach to wellbeing and student support. 

Automatic concern indicators ensure that you never miss a key notification or concern, enabling you to follow up swiftly, as needed. You can also share access to these records or concerns with relevant key contributors to each student’s care. 

The flag system enables staff to quickly understand a student’s record and identify when additional support might be needed. 

Again, safeguarding is also a vital element of student wellbeing, and this module recognises the need to safeguard sensitive data. Strict access and viewing permissions ensure that records are only seen by relevant parties. 




We recognise that school software can be overwhelming, with so many solutions available that are equally as important to understand. We also want to ensure that your staff can get the most out of each system and module. 

iUniversity is our bespoke online learning platform, created for iSAMS users. Our online training courses provide a place for staff to learn, evolve and grow in their roles.  

iUniversity includes courses for Wellbeing Manager, Central, Reward & Conduct, parental consent, and more – ensuring that each piece of school software reaches its maximum potential for safeguarding and supporting students. With free courses for teaching staff, ensure all users are up to date on the latest iSAMS releases.  


Interested in learning more? 

If you’d like more information about any of the above solutions or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach out to your Customer Account Manager anytime, and they will be happy to help you find the right systems and modules to support your school wellbeing. 

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