We’re pleased to announce a new feature available within iSAMS which enables self registration for students, completely remotely.

self-registration apps

Available on the iStudent App and Student Portal, this feature has been designed to take some of the stress out of administrative tasks that accompany online learning. Helping students engage with their digital timetable, they can now mark their attendance for individual or multiple classes directly from their mobile devices and in the safety of their own homes.

To help you maintain a clear oversight of attendance and set permissions that best suit your school, this feature also gives you the option to choose how many days in the past a student can register and if they’re allowed to register for lessons that have already taken place.

There is also an inbuilt Multi-Registration feature which means that, if a student has consecutive lessons in the same subject and with the same teacher, they only need to register at the beginning of the first lesson to automatically be registered for the following lessons.

Our Student Portal and multilingual iStudent App were designed to empower students to take control of their own learning, by making it even easier to access key school information directly on their mobile devices.