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Female-founded business, PeBe, is at the forefront of revolutionising sports bras, providing crucial support for girls to stay active. 

The popularity of female sport is on the rise and there are a variety of related topics being covered in the press on a regular basis – such as the colour and style of kit, periods, and the impact they have on girls’ sporting performance, and the emergence of new role models for girls. 

Despite increased awareness and all the positive progress in the world of female sport, a staggering 64% of girls will drop out of sport after puberty. 

This alarming statistic is evident in schools, where you may have noted a lack of willingness to participate in PE. You see wasted talent, girls falling out of the habit of being healthy and active, and you might even see girls’ mental health decline. 

So, what do we do about it? 

Breast development and sport 

When we think of girls and puberty, we often focus on girls’ menstrual cycles. It’s easy to overlook other bodily changes. Breast development varies, occurring gradually or suddenly, influencing how girls engage in physical activities: 

Sports bras can make all the difference. 

Sports bras are a specific piece of kit for girls. They are more than just some pretty underwear to ‘get them in the zone to compete’.  PeBe addresses this by offering sports bras designed for both functionality and comfort after seven years of dedicated research. Our designs prioritise girls' health and happiness, recognising the practical needs of school life. 

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What do we do that’s so great? 

  • Only bras on the market designed with real breast biomechanics in mind. 
  • The bras are fully adjustable allowing for all-day wear and catering for size fluctuation and activity changes. 
  • Manufactured in a beautiful ice blue colour because it works brilliantly behind white school shirts and games tops. 
  • Led by a team of experts and sports bra fitting pros. 
  • Delivering engaging and candid education on breasts, bras, and sport. 
  • Award winning: Women’s Running 2023 Best Sports Bra, Women’s Health 2023 Best Sports Bra, and Innovate UK grant winners.  

How to introduce sports bras to your students 

Kit list 

We hope that your students know about sports bras, and, despite the statistics, we hope that they’re wearing one.  However, in our experience, even those in elite sport aren’t doing this routinely.  

Sports bras are a critical piece of kit, and therefore we recommend you make them part of your kit list just like you would match tops, shorts, skorts or skirts - there are so many options for girls today! 

Don’t let your girls make up the 86% who say sports bras aren’t on the kit list (Women in Sport x Stronger Research 2023). 


For pupils and parents to buy-in to sports bras on the kit list, education is important. We cover all these topics and more in our interactive presentations, which suit assemblies or health and wellness days. 

Taking the headache out of bra shopping 

Bra shopping and fitting can be uncomfortable for girls, especially when sports stores lack dedicated fitters and charge higher prices. Like any bra, it only works if it fits well. Your students may be wearing a sports bra, but is it right for them?  

PeBe are experts in fitting and are trusted by elite teams like England Netball, the FA, and The Royal Navy. We perform bra fittings on site, helping you to ensure that the sports kit list is all ticked off.  

We make the process positive and personalised, combining our love for sports with expertise. Students can shop with friends and experience a private consultation, leaving with a sports bra that not only perfectly fits but also enhances performance – a win for both individuals and the school's trophy cabinet!  

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Take it from someone who knows PeBe: 

"When I first met PeBe and was pitched the idea of hosting a sports bra fitting session at our school, I'll admit that I had some reservations. My initial scepticism was quickly dispelled as I recognised the profound impact this initiative had on our female athletes. 

The importance of a proper sports bra cannot be overstated. It’s a critical part of our sports kit, and yet the item is consistently overlooked. It's not just about comfort but also about minimising the risk of injury and ensuring that female athletes can perform at their best. 

The success of our sports bra fitting event became evident in the positive feedback and testimonials from pupils, parents, and staff. The sports bra fitting event helped instil a sense of self-care and body awareness among our students. It has encouraged open conversations about health and well-being, breaking down barriers and stigmas that might have existed. 

As the Director of Sport, it's my duty to ensure that all pupils have access to the best possible resources to excel in their athletic endeavours. The sports bra fitting initiative has proven to be a crucial component of this commitment. 

I wholeheartedly support and recommend such initiatives to enhance the overall well-being and performance of our pupil-athletes, regardless of gender. It is a testament to our school's dedication to the holistic development of our pupils." 

- Tim Watts, Director of Sport at Cheltenham College 

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Why do sports bras matter? 

Yes, sports bras are a piece of kit that help girls achieve their sporting potential - but there’s more to them than that.  

By making sports bras a piece of school kit, you’re showing girls that you understand them and their specific needs. As a school, you’re demonstrating that you care about them, whether they’re tentatively running their first lap of the track or competing in cross country across tough terrain.   

You’re setting them up for a lifetime of enjoying being active and achieving their personal best.  

Every sport covered, every girl matters. 

"We are delighted to have had a visit from PeBe as part of our sports and PHSCE programme. Both Lucy and Charlotte really explained the importance of sports bra fittings extremely well to our pupils and we were delighted to have their expertise in this very important area."

- Nicola Huggett, Head of Cheltenham College 


Next steps 

Get in touch with us at to book your fitting and education session and show your pupils and parents that breasts matter! 

PeBe are available to contact directly for their fitting service and can be purchased via your school, or through Schoolblazer.