InVentry are the market leaders for visitor and pupil management within the education sector; trusted by over 7,000 schools. Our system provides easy to use sign-in solutions that allows schools to comply with safeguarding and GDPR regulations.

We offer an integration with iSAMS and provide a full read and write back process for all iSAMS users. The InVentry system can record information, such as early leavers and late pupils, back to iSAMS to ensure that the records of each pupil are up to date.

Our Advanced Trip Management feature also integrates with iSAMS, which means our InVentry Anywhere App stores all important information regarding a pupil’s dietary requirements and allergies – all at the palm of your hand and processed through iSAMS to InVentry automatically.

Alongside our integration, with iSAMS we have many features that help the education sector, especially when it comes to safeguarding. InVentry gives you the ability to know who is on site at any one time and ensure that visitors are DBS checked. You’re also able to set up notifications that you’re notified when a check is due to expire. Again, this is written back to iSAMS to keep your MIS up to date.

After schools began to re-open earlier this year, headteachers and school leaders were issued a school opening guide outlining the first phase of the roadmap. And with schools due to be re-opening soon after the Summer break, it only seemed right that we developed new features to enable schools to re-open safely and offer a COVID-19 secure environment. These features include:

Health Declarations

This feature sends staff and visitors a Health Declaration at the beginning of each day in which they are required to confirm that they are not displaying symptoms of COVID-19. If they are showing symptoms, they will not be granted access to the building and it will be reported to the health and safety officer at your school or business.

Capacity Management

When returning to school after COVID-19 and having to keep the recommended 2m distance, it is understandable that the number of people in school offices will naturally have to decrease. Our Capacity Management feature helps you see how many people are in the building and manage if it’s the correct amount or not.

Host Ready Notifications

Host Ready Notifications are a new feature from InVentry which allows you to manage the number of visitors in reception. The visitor is pre-booked by the host, then on the day they’re due to arrive, they will receive an email with instructions of what to do to be able to enter the site.

Here at InVentry, we want to share our knowledge of keeping your school safe during COVID-19. We have created a white paper which outlines the ways you can keep your school safe by managing your entry and exit points.

If you have any questions about our new features, contact us on 0113 322 9253 or email